Our code of ethics

ACTEO guarantees that it will act according to the following core values: rigour in its practices as regards consultancy, personal attention, availability, transparency and loyalty!

Generally speaking, clients do not merely expect a lawyer to be competent, rigorous and therefore capable of giving them specific and reliable advice. In addition, they want someone to act on their behalf as interlocutor who is completely irreproachable in his/her dealings, someone who can be relied on to comply with a strict professional code of ethics.

Furthermore, there must be a relationship based on trust between the client and his lawyer, which means that the latter must be available and attentive to his client’s needs.

All the parties involved must work to ensure that this kind of relationship based on trust is lasting. The client must be trustworthy and honest, while the lawyer must offer his client personalised assistance, adapt to his client’s needs and involve him in all the important decisions that must be taken within the framework of any legal issue.

Finally, the lawyer must communicate and act with the necessary transparency. He must inform his client objectively (for example, as regards the foreseeable duration of the trial and the likelihood of a favourable outcome) and regularly (so that the client has a clear idea of how his case is proceeding and the cost).

The client must also be informed – as soon as the relationship with his lawyer is established – as to how the lawyer will calculate and invoice his fees.