Our quality policy

ACTEO’s first priority is to offer its clients specialised and appropriate legal advice in each of the legal areas in which it operates. To this end, moreover, ACTEO attaches great importance to the training of its legal team.

However, this training is not sufficient to achieve such an ambitious objective. Achieving this objective requires a rigorous organisation and rigorous management. Although these organisational and management resources cannot of themselves produce high-quality services and guarantee appropriate and effective legal advice, no law firm can claim to provide useful and efficient services within a defective organisation.

Around 10 years ago, ACTEO’s partners decided to develop a “quality system”, that is, working and management methods that would provide a robust framework for its activities.

The aim of this “system” is to continuously improve the quality of the services that ACTEO offers its clients: quality in the relations that the lawyers maintain with their clients (the quality of the physical conditions in which they receive their clients, i.e. a comfortable and client-friendly setting, helpline service, quality of personal attention and availability, etc.) and quality in the management of files (rigorous follow-up, regular information to clients, respect for deadlines, etc.).

This “system” is based on a number of key elements:

  • First and foremost, a “quality policy” of which the content is regularly reviewed and which is based not only on the expectations and demands of the firm’s clients, but also on the opinions that the external consultants give to ACTEO, at its request, on the quality of its organisation;
  • Secondly, on the coherent management of all the law firm’s resources: not only the human resources (ongoing training courses, quality of recruitment, etc.), but also on the material resources (high-quality infrastructure, working environment, technical and legal information that might influence the exercise of the profession, accounting management, etc.);
  • Finally, tried and tested working methods (for example, in connection with the filing of dossiers, the deadlines for the processing of mail, the management of schedules, etc.), with periodic monitoring of compliance with these methods through internal audits.

In order to check that its continuous improvement objectives are reached and that its clients appreciate the quality of its services, ACTEO periodically conducts satisfaction surveys among its clients.

The content of ACTEO’s “system” and of the “quality policy” is recorded in a “quality manual” that is accessible to all its clients and can be communicated to them upon request.