Private individuals

ACTEO helps you resolve the legal problems that can disrupt your private life.

The situations that can lead to problems and stress are many and varied, but here are a few examples to give you an idea of how we can provide you – as a private individual – with the necessary advice and support to let you get on with your life. This brief summary is based on a number of cases that have been referred to us on a regular basis.

Insurance and unfair terms

Let us imagine a situation where following a night on the town you cause an accident while in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

The company with which you have taken out an insurance policy for “material damage” refuses to pay your damages on the grounds that the contract contains a clause stipulating loss of rights in the event of alcoholic intoxication, except if the insured party proves that there is no causal link between his state of intoxication and the accident.

Is this clause valid?

Real estate agents and brokerage commission

Imagine you are the owner of a building and you decide to sell it.

To do this, you decide to call on the services of a real estate agent and you sign a contract with him that stipulates that in the event of the sale of the building for a certain price and within a certain period the real estate agent will be entitled to commission based on a percentage of the price.

The real estate agent finds a buyer who then signs a sale agreement.

The real estate says that he has completed his assignment and claims his commission. However, you discover that the purchaser of the building cannot pay the price, so that the sale cannot go ahead.

In this situation, is the real estate agent nonetheless entitled to his commission?

Guarantees of consumer goods

Imagine you buy a new mobile phone in a specialised store.

Six months later, the phone stops working. You take it back to the shop, and they agree to repair it or have it repaired. Seven months after the first repair, the telephone breaks down again. The shop agrees to repair it once again, but the repair does not rectify the problem.

Are you entitled to demand the replacement of the phone?

Distance contracts

Imagine you buy on the internet a latest-generation LED flat screen television.

Ten days later, you regret having made this purchase because the price is too high in view of your actual financial resources.

Is it still possible to cancel the purchase, and are you entitled to do so?

International sale, applicable law and competent court

While vacationing in Milan, you visit a contemporary furniture store during the sales.

You see the sofa of your dreams. You decide to buy it and have it delivered to your home in Belgium.

When the sofa is delivered, you discover that it is damaged.

Do you have grounds for recourse? Against the carrier? Against the seller?

If you decide that you have to take legal action, should you do it in Italy? In Belgium? Whatever your decision, you will have to decide whether to apply Belgian law or Italian law, but which?

Management of private family assets

Let us imagine that over the years you have acquired certain assets (movable or immovable). You are wondering about the future and about what will happen to these assets if you are unable to manage them or if you die.

What legal means can you envisage so that in the event of a problem these assets can be managed in your absence without your relatives arguing among themselves or even getting involved in litigation because each party pursues its own interests?

How can you avoid the problems connected with the complexity of family relationships (legal cohabitants or common-law spouses, children born out of wedlock, reconstituted families, children of a second marriage, etc.)?

How can you prevent the tax office from taking unfair advantage of the absence of estate planning?

Employment contracts

You are an executive within your company and your employer informs you that from now on another person will be taking up your post and that you will be assigned subordinate tasks but that you will retain your pay level and your company car. How should you react to this situation? Would you be putting yourself at risk if you decided to be conciliatory and take up the new tasks that have been entrusted to you for a few weeks to see if this new post corresponds to your level of qualification and responsibility?

Town planning and environmental law

One evening, you come home from work and discover that your neighbour has put up a town planning notice on his property. The plan described on the notice puts you in some difficulty. What can you do and at what stage?

You have just bought a house. One morning an official from the Walloon Region knocks on your door. He tells you that the previous owner built a terrace without obtaining prior planning permission. As a result, he files an official report. What risks do you face? How can you react?

  • We provide advice and consultations with a view to the submission of requests for planning permission.
  • We provide assistance in drawing up letters of complaint within the framework of public enquiries.
  • We make applications before the Council of State for cancellation and/or suspension.
  • We submit demolition requests to the judicial authorities.
  • In the event of town planning infringements: we provide consultations and make transaction requests, …
  • We defend your interests in the event of a summons to appear before the tribunal correctionnel (criminal court) for town planning infringement.
  • If you are wronged by a town planning infringement, we can help you assert your rights.

The civil service

You are a teacher. You discover that the post you currently occupy on a temporary basis is open for applications. What are your rights? What priority rules apply?

You work in a public sector administration and you have learned that there is a rumour going round that you will soon be facing a disciplinary procedure. What risks do you face? What are your rights?

  • We can intervene in the event of a disagreement over the designation/appointment of a competitor (consultations, negotiations with the public authority concerned, application before the Council of State for cancellation and/or suspension, etc.).
  • Disciplinary matters (consultation, internal or external administrative appeals, application before the Council of State for cancellation and/or suspension, proceedings for damages and interest, etc.).
  • We provide you with our assistance within the framework of negotiations connected with your claims for priority rights and the assertion of these rights within the framework of any other negotiations.

Public procurement

  • Consultations at all stages of the procedure
  • Analysis of the contract documents
  • Appeals before the Council of State by unsuccessful tenderers (suspension in cases of extreme emergency, cancellation, etc.)
  • Appeals to the judicial authorities

Local taxes

  • General or specific consultations.
  • Appeals before the Council of State against tax regulations.
  • Administrative and judicial challenges.