Article 446 ter of the Judicial Code provides that lawyers freely set their fees within the limits of the criterion of “fair moderation” (…)

(…) enshrined by the practices and jurisprudence of the Council of the Order to which the law reserves the authority to reduce the statements of costs and fees that exceed the limits thus imposed.

The duration of each service provided by a member of the firm is therefore entered on computer at the time when it is performed, while the record of the work carried out on each dossier is available at all times and at the first request of clients.

The hourly rate generally applied by the partners who are responsible for the dossiers ranges, according to the experience of the partner and the type of assignment for which he is responsible, from €120 to €250. The hourly rates charged by the associates are lower than these amounts and are determined by taking into consideration the lawyer’s experience and, where appropriate, his specific skills in the context of the particular issue; the rates range from €45 to €140. These rates are applicable from 1 July 2010 and are subject to annual revision.

The firm at all times makes the scale of hourly rates charged by its members available to its clients.

The amount of the ordinary hourly rate, whether it be for partners or associates, can vary according to the particularities of the case, such as: its degree of urgency, the complexity of the issue in question, the importance of the case, the nature of the duties to be performed, the likelihood of recovering the amounts claimed or the argumentation and the dossier of the opposing party.