Vincent Lamberts

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Vincent Lamberts practices intellectual property law, new technology law and commercial law. He has been working in these fields for over 12 years and has acquired recognised experience with disputes in these specialised areas of practice. He also advises companies and private individuals with regard to non-litigious projects and, more especially, provides consultancy and support for development strategies. He is the author of numerous articles and contributions, mainly in the field of intellectual property law.


Graduated in law from the University of Liège; joined the Bar of Liège in 1999

   Member of the Benelux Council for Intellectual Property Council

Approved by the AWEX, the Walloon Export Agency, as specialist in external trade and expert in export strategy

Member of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property

Member of the E-Justice Commission of the OBFG and of the Cyberlawyers Commission of the Bar of Liège

Scientific attaché with the private judicial law service of the University of Liège 2006-2007

Assistant attaché with the social law service of the University of Liège (2000-2005)

Researcher with the private judicial law service of the University of Liège (2001-2002)

Expert with the Institute for Education and Social Promotion of the French Community since 2003

Lecturer within the Public Federal Service Justice – continuing training of magistrates (2001-2002)

A1 Author of various publications and lectures in the law of new technologies, in judicial law and in intellectual property law